December 2014: The films of Gregg Araki

Hell Is For Hyphenates – December 2014

Arts journalist and broadcaster Richard Watts guest hosts this episode of Hyphenates, talking about the films of December 2014, comparing notes on the best films of the year, and looking at the films and career of indie filmmaker and key figure in the New Queer Cinema movement, Gregg Araki.

November 2014: The films of John Hough

Hell Is For Hyphenates – November 2014

Filmmaker Mark Hartley (Not Quite Hollywood, Machete Maidens Unleashed, Patrick, Electric Boogaloo) joins the show to talk the new releases of November 2014, ask whether nostalgia ever trumps critical thinking, and explore the filmography of little-known genre director John Hough.

October 2014: The films of Guy Maddin

Hell Is For Hyphenates – October 2014

Hayley Inch, film programmer and writer, joins the Hyphenates for October 2014 as we look back at the month’s key releases, discuss the films of French auteur Jacques Tati, and delve into the unique works of Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin.

September 2014: The films of Claire Denis

Hell Is For Hyphenates – September 2014

Filmmaker Lynn Shelton (Humpday, Your Sister’s Sister, Laggies) joins us for this episode as we talk the new releases of September 2014, examine whether we’re less enamoured by directors who are more stylistically experimental, and delve into the works of French auteur Claire Denis.

August 2014: The films of Paul Mazursky

Hell Is For Hyphenates – August 2014

US indie filmmaker Joe Swanberg (Drinking Buddies, Happy Christmas) joins the Hyphenates for our August 2014 edition, as we talk over the new releases of the past month, look at whether independent filmmakers can forge a career in the new media landscape, and check out the filmography of the influential and underrated director Paul Mazursky.

July 2014: The films of Euzhan Palcy

Hell Is For Hyphenates – July 2014

Director Lexi Alexander (Green Street Hooligans, Punisher: War Zone) joins us for our 50th episode, as we look at the films of July 2014, ask whether thoughtful dramas are now the domain of television instead of cinema, and look over the career of the groundbreaking Caribbean filmmaker Euzhan Palcy.

June 2014: The films of Robert Altman

Hell Is For Hyphenates – June 2014

Special guest Michael Altman joins us to talk about the epic filmography of his father, directing legend Robert Altman, in a live show recorded at the 2014 Sydney Film Festival.

May 2014: The films of Jim Jarmusch

Hell Is For Hyphenates – May 2014

Sarah Caldwell joins the Hyphenates to talk about the films of May 2014, ask why Hollywood is so obsessed with destroying cities at the moment, and look over the filmography of US indie writer/director Jim Jarmusch.

April 2014: The films of Harold Ramis

Hell Is For Hyphenates – April 2014

HitFix film critic Drew McWeeny joins the show to talk the films of April 2014, look at why the rest of the world is increasingly getting Hollywood blockbusters before the US, and pay tribute to the great Harold Ramis as we explore his directorial career.

March 2014: The films of Alejandro Jodorowsky

Hell Is For Hyphenates – March 2014

Critic and film programmer Zak Hepburn joins us to debate the films of March 2014, ask whether cult movies can still exist in the age of the internet, and explore the surreal films of Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky.