Hell Is For Hyphenates – August 2010

3 thoughts on “Hell Is For Hyphenates – August 2010

  1. film is nothing

    Fun podcast.

    Although I haven’t revisited any John Landis in years, I grew up with them and I have fond memories of most, except for maybe “Oscar”, which was bizarre in not a good way. My favourite, however, was always “The Stupids”. I watched that a million times as a kid, there was nothing that gleefully imaginative around – blew my mind.

  2. tsholl

    I remain disappointed to hear that “Scott Pilgrim” not only floundered, but completely bombed at the box office. There’s a lot of good reason, sure (competing and losing against “The Expendables” and “Eat Pray Love” further confirms my suspicions of rampant global idiocy and lack of taste). But hell, I’m a fanboytragic, so it’s unsurprising that the rest of the world wasn’t as ridiculously enthusiastic about it as I was. C’moooooooooooon recovery on DVD! If it’s good enough to pull “Family Guy” off the tracks, then surely this will recoup…


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