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Hell Is For Hyphenates – August 2015

Film critic and author Alexandra Heller-Nicholas joins the show to look at three new films: IRRATIONAL MAN, THE FORBIDDEN ROOM and A PIGEON SAT ON A BRANCH REFLECTING ON EXISTENCE. We then return to our semi-regular mini-Hyphenate segment to look at the fascinating career of Herk Harvey, director of the cult horror classic CARNIVAL OF SOULS. Then, Alex takes us through the cinema of the legendary Italian giallo filmmaker, Dario Argento.

Hell Is For Hyphenates – June 2015

Exactly five years after his first appearance, film critic and festival programmer Thomas Caldwell rejoins us to talk some key films of June 2015, ask whether there’s a cinematic god passing moral judgement on characters, and unravel the strange and unique filmography of director David Lynch.

Hell Is For Hyphenates – May 2012

Film critic Cerise Howard guest hosts the podcast to go over the films of May 2012, examine the successful movie remakes to figure out which ones actually work, and look at the fascinating and unique films of Czech surrealist Jan Svankmajer.

Hell Is For Hyphenates – February 2011

Filmmaker, film critic and academic Josh Nelson joins the Hyphenates to debate the films of February 2011, and dive deep into the depraved filmography of horror maestro David Cronenberg.

Hell Is For Hyphenates – December 2010

Film critic Tara Judah joins the December edition of Hyphenates to talk over that month’s films, heatedly debate a contentious blockbuster, and check out the filmography of the Pope of Trash: John Waters.

Hell Is For Hyphenates – June 2010

In the first official Hell Is For Hyphenates podcast, Paul and Lee are joined by Melbourne film critic extraordinaire Thomas Caldwell of Cinema Autopsy fame. They look back at the films of June 2010, ask whether you can still enjoy a film if you disagree with its fundamental philosophy, and debate the films and career of Tim Burton.